Lee Carlson's book, Passage to Nirvana


On the occasion of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share one of the most popular chapters from my book, Passage to Nirvana. It's a short chapter; doesn't take more than a minute to read. It's almost more of a prose poem. The chapter is about both the word “love” and the reality of this critical part of human nature. It is titled simply, “Love.”



Of all things.

What is love? as a word, love has been corrupted by overuse; you can love just about anything, from your car to a vacation at Disney World. The word love has almost become a worthless commodity, so banal as to have nearly lost its profound meaning. And yet, and yet…. What about true love? Real, absolute, unconditional love? The concept of love? A feeling so pure it transcends rational thought? The love that permeates all things at every moment, like a whispered background hum, if only we could open our senses to it? An energy so powerful it causes grown men and women to fall on their knees and shed tears of joy when they experience it? Is there any better word in the English language than just plain “love”? Love is more than compassion, more than intimacy, more than affection or adoration or kindness or a thousand other words that come close, but don’t quite hit the bull’s-eye. Love is love, plain and simple; there is nothing deeper, more profound, more basic and elemental than love.


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