Lee Carlson’s  Silver and Gold
Lovely, poignant, sad, hopeful, perfect, painful, skillfully written, positive and bittersweet.
— A review from a reader like you.

Every Christmas Tells A Story

Silver and Gold is a modern Christmas story about a divorced father and his two sons as they negotiate the sometimes heartwarming, sometimes heartbreaking challenges of celebrating Christmas in the modern world, where broken families are all too common. A long short story of 6,000 words (Truman Capote’s classic A Christmas Memory is slightly under 5,000 words), Silver and Gold is destined to become a short story Christmas classic.

The greatest Christmas stories have always dealt with important issues relating to their place and time. Dickens wrote about class boundaries and economic inequality in Victorian England. Capote’s Christmas stories dealt with the issues of race and poverty in the agrarian American South.

What makes Christmas stories truly great is their emphasis on the timeless theme of what is good in mankind, and how what is good can win out over people’s baser urges. Whether Silver and Gold meets that standard is for others to decide. It is however very much a contemporary story, dealing with such present-day issues as divorce and traumatic brain injury, while also looking at the timeless subject of how Christmas can help us realize what is truly important in our lives.

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